March 22, 2014
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With thousands of custom platforms built...
it's easy to see why our customers RAVE about our platforms.

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Hi Scott and the crew,
I just wanted to send you some pictures of the AMAZING extended swimplatform that we purchased from you. It is terrific and we agree that this was best investment we've made for the boat.

It has added a whole new dimension to boating for us...from jumping off it with the kids during the day, to sunning on it and relaxing on it with chairs and a table in the evening! We hope you enjoy the photo's (don't worry, the last picture is staged our daughter Marley wasn't really pushed in we staged it to look that way...we've all had tons of fun!)

Also, thank you so much for the incredibly smooth transaction this whole process has been, from the order to the purchase, the delivery right through to receiving it and attaching it to the boat. The fit and quality has far exceeded our expectations! If anyone is looking for a referral please add our names to the list, we have nothing but wonderful comments to make.

Many thanks from Canada!!!

Doug and Nikki
Aaron, Marley and Tyler    Silverton 31 Express     Canada
I like to thank you for such a great product. I couldn't imagine any who owns an older crownline who wouldn't want a Swim Platforms Inc. swim platform on their boat. Three hour install time, two days to dry and we were in the water. Notice the old ladder in the picture, We removed the ladder rungs, added a bar for a new grab handle that also stows away in the old ladder locker. Just a hint for future customers.

Thanks, Mark S.     Crownline 250 CR 1994     Neenah, WI.

We wanted to let everyone at know just how happy we are with your platform for our 1998 Cobalt 220. We liked our 220 the way it was, but were wishing that we had the functionality of the swim platforms that are available on the new Cobalt's. When we found your company, we were thrilled to work with you in developing the platform for our model Cobalt.It installed very nicely in less than 3 hours using tools I had at my home. The ease of installation, however, pales in comparison to the complete transformation your platform has given our Cobalt.

There is not a single upgrade we could have made that can top the benefits we have had from your platform. It is now the center of activity on our boat, and is incredibly functional. When we are not swimming from it, we are jumping from it, putting on our ski or skis, or getting on or off our tubes. There is no more worry about always having to watch the kids to be sure they don't jump onto the outdrive and hurt themselves. The ski or tube ropes stay away from the props. The non-skid diamond pattern surface is incredible-very non-skid and safe but not a "pain" to sit on in a bathing suit. The 3 step Windline stainless ladder goes deeper into the water than the old ladder and is very easy to raise and lower. We can raise the outdrive 100% for trailering with no clearance problems on the platform.

Another compelling asset of your platform is that its look and quality is on par with the rest of our Cobalt, which is top notch. Cobalt is a high end boat, and your platform is right at home on it. It looks like it came from the factory. We have had other 220 owners ask where we got it and how hard it was to install. We unreservedly recommend your platforms to other Cobalt owners as well as owners of other brands who have seen our platform and asked about it.

The name our boat is "OHANA", which is Hawaiian for "Family". Our entire family loves what your platform has done for our boat. We could not be happier with your product, your installation instructions, and your support. We are truly grateful for the service and product you have provided for us.

Dennis, Shirley, Derek & Davy     Cobalt 220     Neodesha, Kansas
Hi Scott,
Sorry we did not get back to you any sooner but, we have been really busy since we purchased your platform. Boy what a joy it has been. We have never enjoyed the boat as much as we do now. We practically live on our back porch as another boater put in! And really that is what he called it! But any how it has been the best investment we have made. I just don't know how we ever enjoyed our boat without your platform. We also installed it ourselves, it was a snap to do. I think anyone that has a little knowledge of some simple hand tools can do the job themselves and save more money. We would recommend it to everyone and have already given out the pamphlets out that came with the unit.
Thanks again,
George / Donna    Sea Ray '96 330 Sundancer    Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Hi Scott,

I am sending some pics of my LPX Crownline outfitted with the new swim platform. Your product is fantastic, precise fit, and great shipping! Thanks! My boat is now much more user friendly.

Jim Crownline    '02 202 Bow Rider Minnesota
The swim platform looks and fits great! It only took 2 hours to install! Since cockpit space is limited on our '92 Crownline CR250 the swim platform adds more room for the kids to play, and room for my wife and I to lounge in the sun. I think you guys have an excellent concept and excellent craftsmanship.
Thank You!
Dave & Mary Springfield, OH. Crownline 250 CR
Port of Lake Cumberland, KY.
The platform is great ! Excellent fit and looks... quality workmanship.                                                                 

West Virginia
Sea Ray 270 Sundancer S.E. 1999

We are back from our Lake Powell Vacation trip. Had a great time and even Better this time with your Swim Platform attached on the back of OUR BOAT. What a Big difference when there is enough room after we drop anchor to store 2 gas cans, generator and attaching our inflatable boat or using the platform as part of the boat when we add fuel, water or pump out the gray water. Your Swim Platform is very functional and adds Beauty to our Boat.

Thanks Again, Scott
Ron and Pat   
'97 Maxum 2400 SCR    California
Hey Scott, Finally got to take the boat out yesterday and things were great. No more worrying about my kids falling off that transom onto the outdrive! We are very pleased and the safety factor improved 1000%. In summary, it looks great, my friends are really impressed as I am with your product and workmanship and your support ( e-mails, cell # etc.)
thanks again.

Brian and Sara    Sea Ray '00 190 Sun Deck    California
Your swim platform is perfect, including the fit, the color, the look, the functionality and the quality. It is everything you promised and more.

Bill W.    Sea Ray '87 390 Express Cruiser    Maryland
Finish is very good. Great to swim from, holds the dingy, the dog loves it. It has attracted at lot of attention form other boaters

Great job, thanks.

Jim C.    Sea Ray '95 300 Sundancer    Wisconsin
The Swim Platform has been the best enhancement to my choice to purchase an older boat. The fit was perfect and the extended platform offers all the features of newer boats, at far less cost."

LP Sea Ray '90 350 Sundancer    Florida
The platform has really made the boat a lot more fun for those cooling dips at Lake Powell and more accessible while camping. I don't know how people enjoy their boats without the platforms.

John W.    Sea Ray '99 215 Express Cruiser    Arizona
Hi Scott....Enjoying the platform isn't a good enough word....I can't imagine how we got along without it...our kids and whatever kids are guests with us all fully enjoy it...I think it adds alot to the overall look of the boat also, not just the functioning...

Phil B.    Sea Ray '95 220 Bow Rider    Arizona
I have to tell you how much better the boat looks, and how much safer it is with the addition of your Swim Platform. I fell off the boat when I was parked at the beach with the outdrive up and barely missed hitting the prop. With this Platform it is impossible to hit it as it extends beyond the prop. The installation was straight forward and the assistance offered by you in the process was second to none. I look forward to dealing with you in the future as I will most definitely get a bigger boat, but only if I can add one of your Platforms.

Thanks Chuck    '96 270 Sundancer    N.Y.
Thanks for all your efforts and follow up. I wish everyone would run their business like you and put the customers first. I really appreciated it.

Thanks, David    Sea Ray '96 300 Sundancer    Kansas
We love our platform. Color Matches Perfectly. Very sturdy. We love the added safety it provides from the stern drive. Our dog loves it to. Thank you for providing such a quality product.

2003 202 Crownline LPX
Cody & Kristin Warren
Hi Ron and Scott,

As promised, here are some pics of the installed platform on my 240 DA. I will send you some more pics with the boat in the water in about 6 weeks (launch date). Feel free to put all or some of them up on your website!
Again, Thanks for putting together such a nice product!

Chris Anderson
Sea Ray 240 Sundancer

As promised I took some pictures for you all to add to your web site. Thanks again for being such a customer oriented company. It's a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

She's fresh out of storage with a new coat of wax on her. Enjoy!

Thank You,

Mike M.
"Way Overdue" Crownline 248
Dayton, Ohio
Hi Art,

It's been a few month's now since I've installed my swim platform. Now that life has slowed down a bit, I thought I would send you some pics of the installation procedure we used and then the finished product.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the looks and the safety the extension provides. It makes it so much easier to get back on the boat when swimming. Also, the ladder is very comfortable for climbing on.

Thank you for being so prompt on the shipping date.

Jim M.
Alpena, MI    Sea Ray 250 Sundancer
We could not be any more pleased with our swim platform. I wish we had done this years ago when we were teaching our4 children to ski and wakeboard. Lily, our waterdog has probably loved it more than anyone. It makes it so easy for her to get in and out of the boat. We get so many compliments regarding its look, and we always let folks know where they can get one. It's also allowed us to have a safe place to sit and enjoy the sunsets.

You guys are the best.

Gray and Christy S.
McKinney, TX     Cobalt 200
To the crew

Wanted to let you guys know that the addition of our swim platform was by far the best investment for our Crownline 202BR. Product is fantastic, support is great, couldn't ask for anything better. Not only does it look great, but it's extremely functional. Thanks again!

The Stephenson's
Salina, KS
I wanted to let you know that I installed my swim platform in just over 4-hours and everything fit perfect! I was totally impressed with every aspect of my purchase. From the indestructible and well insulated wooden crate that the platform was shipped, to the quality and detail of the platform itself. The installation instructions with examples of pictures were very through, precise and easy to follow. Although I was intimidated and nervous about drilling holes in my boat, it was actually easier than I thought it would be. The most difficult part of the whole project was trying to keep your hands clean from the anti-seize lubricant. Cannot wait to get back on the lake this summer with our new addition to the boat!

Thanks again,
Hi Guys
Sorry for the delay but I thought I should forward these pictures of your swim platform we installed on our 02 Chaparral 186SS. The install went VERY smoothly as you said it should and the finished product far EXCEEDS any factory installed platform.I am very pleased with the larger than most factory platform size and the overall fit and finish. I would HIGHLY recommend your product to anyone. Thank you again,
Doug O.
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Hi Ron,

The swim platform looks awesome! I can't wait till summer!                                                                               

Thanks again!!!!
Cobalt 226
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